Meet the Staff

Shannon Hartnett - Cosentino's Catering

Shannon Hartnett

Catering Coordinator
Shannon has been a part of the Cosentino’s catering team since June 2019. She has experience in teaching cooking classes to junior chefs, managing events and private parties and cake decorating. One of her favorite memories while on the catering team was working with a national production company on a project for the Food Network in 2018.
Zoron Hensley - Cosentino's Catering

Zoron Hensley

Catering Coordinator
Zoron has been a Catering Specialist for Cosentino’s catering for the past four years. Prior to joining the Cosentino’s team, he was a kitchen manager for Westside Bar and Grill for three years. He enjoys catering large corporate events and perfecting the overall appearance and taste of the events he caters.
Cosentino's Catering - Kansas City Catering for Weddings, Receptions, Corporate Events, Graduations, Memorials, and more

Rhyann Mynatt

Catering Bakery Manager
Rhyann joined the Cosentino’s team in October of 2021, but has been decorating cakes professionally for almost five years. She is dedicated to what she does and always shoots for the stars with all of her work. Rhyann says that getting to really know her clients is a crucial part of any cake order. She is always up for a challenge and is willing to make your cake dreams come true
Jonathan Walterman - Cosentino's Catering

Jonathan Walterman

Catering Director

Jonathan has served Cosentino’s catering guests for nearly seven years. He started with Cosentino’s in 2006 and has moved his way up form Utility Clerk to Catering Director. He found his passion for the catering industry while attending Johnson County Community College to further his knowledge in Hospitality Management and Baking/Pastry. Jonathan says there is nothing more satisfying than completing an event that has left all of your guests delighted.

Caroline Woods - Cosentino's Catering

Caroline Woods

Floral Catering Specialist
As the Floral Catering Specialist, Caroline has an eye for design. She joined the Cosentino family in April 2017 as Floral Manager of the Gardner Price Chopper where she transformed a small-town grocery store bucket shop into a full service floral shop. In 2020, she was honored with the Floral AWG Award of Excellence. Caroline is committed to creating floral pieces that continuously impress.
Cosentino's Catering - Kansas City Catering for Weddings, Receptions, Corporate Events, Graduations, Memorials, and more

Bradley Wright

Catering Coordinator
Bradley brings over 33 years of catering experience to our team. He has been involved with all aspects of events from corporate events, private parties and wedding receptions. He enjoys working with clients from start to finish to make sure their vision is met and exceeded even down to the finest details. One of his best memories is working on the Nordstrom’s grand opening event for over 5,000 guests.
The Cosentino family has offered the best quality in foods at affordable prices for decades right here in their home town. Today Cosentino’s Catering has built a reputation in creating spectacular events, making exceptional food and making our customers proud.